History of Online Advertising

Online advertising is a relatively new platform for advertisiers. Here we will briefly discuss the history of online advertising and more specifically the rapid growth and success that the young advertising medium has yielded thus far.

The First Advertising Online

Online advertising got it's start via the banner ad in the fall months of 1994. The banner ad was displayed on HotWired.com

The first full year of online advertising spending was a rather humble figure of just a few hundred thousand dollars. But it started to catch on and by 2004 a decade later from that first banner on HotWired.com the online advertising platform grew to approximately 10 billion dollars.

Today in year 2010 and for the upcoming 2011 the figure is much larger and will climb ever higher. Google alone should be clocking in at around 25 - 27 billion dollars in advertising revenue.

There has been a lot of advertising mistakes, trials, triumphs, and tribulations. We are making our way through the infancy of a platform that has already revoloutinalized the  world of advertising and business.

Final Thoughts on the History of Online Advertising

The online advertising platform is still young and dumb. However, it is making leaps and bounds with every passing quarter. The new advertising medium will most likely become the dominate advertising platform of the future.

** As a side note and to give credit where credit is due the info on the first banner advertisement came from a Google copyrighted text book. It is titled...

 Marketing and Advertising Using Google

(You can't buy it - They only send it)

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