Four Highly Effective Habits of the Financially Healthy

Those few among us whom are both financially savvy as well as financially healthy have many habits and principles that have ultimately allowed them to prosper steadily. I don't think it is to far fetched to argue that most of us could learn a thing or two from their example.

I have prepared a list of four effective habits that the financially sound seem to live by.

The 4 Habits of the Financially Healthy and Wealthy

Live Within Your Means

You can not spend more then you earn and expect to save or even be ok for your long term financial well being. You must save thus, you must spend less then you make. This is not an option if you want to retire like you think of people retiring. If you want to be able to live off of 50,000 a year with out depleting your savings then you need over a million dollars to retire. Period.

Shop for Value

Value is the key to the smart consumer. Buying just for price will only yield low quality products that will frustrate you and break you. You want to be a value hunter. Does not matter what you are purchasing or shopping for. What you want to use as your measure is a simple value to dollar ratio.

Avoid Debt

Avoiding debt is a great way to stay financially a float. Avoiding debt is not something that many of us have done over the last few decades. I think it may be safe to say that for the first time US consumers will take the decision to borrow money seriously and they will do so like never before.

Exploit Your Talents

Hey if you got it; flaunt it. Now that does not mean you should become a stripper. What that means is that if you are able to do something of value or create value via one of your talents then by all means you need to do that and create that value as it makes sense to do so.

This may mean professionally or just as a hobby. Perhaps it is nothing more then growing tomatoes and saving the money that you would have had to spend.


  1. Good advice. I have currently only mastered #2 but good stuff to know.

  2. Value shopping is one of the better ones to get the hang of.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I support value shopping 100% and use only the daily deals coupons on almost everything with a huge savings.

    1. Well mrs.footfungus you seem dedicated to savings. I dont like coupons bc i cant keep up with them but i do love memorizing weekly specials! All that implies is that I eat out alot which is not good for the budget nor the belly.