Obama Suggests Two Year Pay Freeze for Federal Employees

Obama has proposed an idea to aid in America's effort to cut back on spending and to try and tackle this enormous budget deficit.

Business Basics - Taking a Look at the Competition

All businesses have competitors. All businesses must compete for customers and their market share. If there is any room for competing firms then you can rest assured that the applicable industry will see new competing firms.

Thoughts on The Bush Tax Cuts

The Bush Tax Cuts

If you happen to live amidst any sort of US media than you have no doubt been exposed to the Bush tax cut conflict.

The Bush tax cuts is a heated political issue. Democrats want to get rid of them for those who make more then 250 thousand dollars and keep them for those who make less then 250 thousand dollars.

Looking Back at Cash For Clunkers - Obama Plan

August 2009

Cash for Clunker - Obama Stimulus Program

The phrase "Cash For Clunkers" has been all over the media as of late and for good reason. Cash For Clunkers is thus far the most successful economic stimulus program, this notion is impressive by any measure but is even more impressive when you take in the fact that it makes up less then 1% of the stimulus budget. Not to mention that this figure was increased three fold from the original 1 billion dollar budget to 3 billion which was passed by congress due to the overwhelming success.

Three Foreclosure Soloutions

3 Foreclosure Options
I wanted to explore three great foreclosure alternatives for homeowners in financial hardship.

Homeowners Can Stop Foreclosure

Many homeowners are finding themselves staring down the barrel of mortgage default and a looming foreclosure sale. There are a lot of homeowners who think that all hope is lost and that their is nothing that they can do. They feel hopeless. The thoughts of uncertainty are too much for many to deal with.

When and How Subprime Went Wrong - Explained

Subprime Lending Went Wrong

Subprime loans have enabled thousands upon thousands of Americans who did not qualify for prime loans the opportunity to buy a home via the funds obtained through a subprime loan.

Subprime Lending

Sub-prime Mortgage Lending and Home Loan Borrowing

A sub-prime mortgage is a mortgage that was created for the sub-prime borrower or in other terms borrowers who did not qualify for a prime mortgage which generally have more favorable terms.

Subprime Economy

The American economy has seen better times.

Short Sale Basics

Short Sale

A short sale is a discounted real estate transaction involving the sale of a distressed property.

Deed in Lieu - Fundamentals

Many homeowners who are in financial distress find themselves in foreclosure. The stress and anxiety that foreclosure causes can make it easy for a homeowner to simply give up and put their head in the sand. Many homeowners feel there is nothing further they can do and they just want to let their home go to foreclosure. A deed in lieu of foreclosure may be a good option for the borrower who needs to stop foreclosure but can no longer afford to keep their home.

Forbearance Basics

Forbearance allows the homeowner to stop foreclosure and keep their home.

Modification Basics

Loan Modification

Loan Modification is the restructuring of the existing payment terms of a loan, most commonly used to salvage a nonperforming mortgage loan.

Basic Fundamentals of an Investment

When most people talk about an investment they most commonly are referring to a financial decision to commit financial resources to a current use with the expectation of receiving back the financial resources committed as well as a return or reward in the form of financial resources as profit. Investments are generally thought of as involving money but can involve any sort of resource that is of value.

Small Business - Why Most Small Businesses Fail

The vast majority of small businesses fail. Why is this?

Nothing is Hotter Than Potter

I saw the financial figures from the weekend box office results of the new Harry Potter flick. My goodness, does this brand not run out of steam? Apparently not.

Online Retail Sales are Booming

Well business on the Internet has been booming like always. The online retail sales and finance figures for the third quarter of 2010 are in. The figures are very impressive.

Ireland Takes Bailout

If you have followed global finance at all over the last couple of weeks then you have undoubtedly been exposed to the current Irish bailout controversy.

Business Basics - Staying Competitive

To survive as an ongoing entity, a business must stay competitive. The free market dictates that if there is room for competition someone, some company, will try to squeeze their way in. That company, or new competition, won't stop there.

On-Site SEO Activities

This post is simply a helpful resource identifying some common on-site seo activities.

Below is a general list of on-site activities that will enhance search engine visibility.

Search Engine Mechanics

How Do Search Engines Search?

The exact nature of search engines and how they work will vary from one engine to the next. The bigger ones such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have similar conceptual mechanics and solid white hat search optimization techniques will positively influence a websites rankings in all three.

On Site Optimization and Off Site Optimization

Their are two components of SEO work that must be completed to obtain a competitive reach in terms of search listings and rankings. With out both components of search engine optimization a Website is not reaching max search exposure potential, and thus missing out on quality search engine traffic.

SEO - On-Site Optimization VS Off-Site Optimization

The ultimate goal of both on-site optimization and off-site optimization are one in the same. The goal is to support the target websites SERP's and increase the relevant search engine traffic. This post discuses on-site sep vs off-site seo.

Three R's of Online Advertising

The three "R's" of online advertising are three important aspects that all advertisers need to consider when developing an advertising campaign.

This article will discuss the three "R's" of online advertising and why they are important.

Google Search Result Listing - Taking a Close Look

When a search engine user submits a search query to Google the user will get a search result page with search listings in order of relevancy according to Google search algorithms.

This article will discuss the make up and components of a search listing within a search results page.

Google - The Company Basics

Google Basics

Google is a publicly traded corporation.

Google's mission statement and proclaimed purpose is to;

 "...organize the world's information"

Google is best known as a search engine which is also the engine that allows the company to grow and prosper.

How Google Makes Money

Have you ever wondered how Google makes money?

Google makes money from displaying advertisements that advertisers pay Google for. These advertisements are displayed on the search results page as well as on websites that are part of the content network.

The Google advertising programs are AdWords and AdSense
  • AdWords is the platform that advertisers come together and bid for advertising space Google, the search network, and the content network. Google also sells inventory for radio and TV time.
  • AdSense is a program and platform for content providers. It is an outlet that allows publishers to monetize their content and websites with Google ad's.
Google also makes money from charging fee's for business services. These fee's are not much compared to the value that is easily derived from the applicable product.

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Mechanics of a Google Search

From User Query to Search Results - Break Down of the Step by Step Process

Have you ever wondered what is going on behind that friendly, plain, and useful Google Search page which we have all come to depend on and expect it to be there eagerly awaiting to help us find what we want, what we're looking for.

History of Online Advertising

Online advertising is a relatively new platform for advertisiers. Here we will briefly discuss the history of online advertising and more specifically the rapid growth and success that the young advertising medium has yielded thus far.

Great Baseball Clip You May Have Never Seen

This is amazing. You have got to see it...

Hire Personal Finance Help - Analyzing How and Why to Buy Financial Advice

One of the most obvious personal finance mistakes that I have observed the every day consumer and average Joe make over and over is how they go about hiring the advice of a financial adviser.

Four Highly Effective Habits of the Financially Healthy

Those few among us whom are both financially savvy as well as financially healthy have many habits and principles that have ultimately allowed them to prosper steadily. I don't think it is to far fetched to argue that most of us could learn a thing or two from their example.

Business Basics - The 3 Fundamental Functions of Every Business Explained

No matter what type of business, or organization for that matter, you can rest assured that there are three fundamental functions that run that business and dictate how that business behaves.

This post explains the 3 basic functions of every business. These functions are Finance, Marketing, and Operations.

Bad Debts Expense for Tax Purposes Explained

This post provides some basic information on bad debt expenses in regards to reporting income tax.

Microsoft Fighting The Drug Cartel...... Software Piracy Cartel???

I was just reading the New York Times Sunday money section, and I stumbled on a story that was on a raid in Mexico. Apparently the same organizations that are responsible for drugs and the like have found a new operation to diversify their revenue streams.

They pirate software.

This is Just Flat out Hilarious - Go Celtics

I am originally from up north. Thus I am a Celtics fan, Red Sox fan, Patriots fan, and of course a Bruins Fan.

Banks Playing Off Clueless Homeowners - Destroying the Obama Plan One American Dream at a Time

The HAMP modification has been compromised. Obama's mortgage assistance program designed to provide debt help for homeowners has been sabotaged.

Dear Google - Not Evil? - Then Please Define Evil

I Love Google.

I have gone back and forth in my head about utilizing the vast array of products and services that Google offers. In particular their AdSense and AdWords services. But it just seems too sketchy... too bizarre. They are the least transparent and disrespectful entity, in terms of how they treat their clients, partners, and their share holders (aka owners).

Here is a classic example...

How Credit Card Companies Make Money - What you may not know

If you are a consumer then chances are you have a credit card account, or at least have had a credit card account in the past.

Do you know how credit card companies make money

Do you know why credit card companies are so willing to lend via unsecured revolving accounts?

Most people would guess credit card companies such as Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express make their huge profits by charging consumer borrowers interest on the money they borrow via their credit card.

Most people are wrong.