Google - The Company Basics

Google Basics

Google is a publicly traded corporation.

Google's mission statement and proclaimed purpose is to;

 "...organize the world's information"

Google is best known as a search engine which is also the engine that allows the company to grow and prosper.

Google has much more to offer then just search. Google has and continues to create and develop new products and services on an ongoing basis. Many people have no idea how many products Google has to offer.

The Heart of Google

The heart and soul of Google is search. Thus the algorithms that power the search engine Google offers to the world is the backbone, life line, or the roots of the company.

Google search algorithms were created and developed in a dorm room by two Stanford students named Sergey Brin and Larry Page. They developed Page Rank which is what really added the useful relevance of the search results for users.

What started from a crazy notion and then an actual attempt to download the entire internet in a week, has turned into a much longer and more profitable concern that is now known as Google a corporate search engine and web company.

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