Another Fun Sports Clip

This is a must see for anyone who has ever played football.

So I got a comment on the post I did featuring that great baseball clip I found on

Raquel, a fellow blogger, left the comment. I imagine she spends way too much time online and viewing online content. I only joke with her because she made a great recommendation. She recommended that I take a look at a certain middle school football clip.

So I did. I searched for it (based off her comment) and there it was on YouTube.

It is one of a kind. I honestly think this clip even out does the baseball clip.

It really is something else. You are going to have to see it for yourself.

Seriously this is something special. I wish I knew who came up with the idea. You have to have a lot of balls to pull something like this off. I wonder if this would ever work at a higher level.

Has anyone seen this tried before or is this an original idea?

Now that I have watched this thing two or three times... I want to give a shout to #19 in yellow. He almost got him. At least one of them had their head in the game. Ha.

Watch that QB!

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  1. Yeah a shout out to me!!! I could, and have watched that video 800 times. I LOVE it!!!
    I'm glad you got to watch it too. Another question for your readers...Is that legal? Must be. But it sure seems like it shouldn't be.

  2. Oh yeah that is legal... The ball is in play as soon as it is hiked which is that simple toss or hand off. They just played off body language as well as the utter "audacity" of trying something like that. You can tell if you look closely that some of the opposing line give the wait wtf right from the get go as if they were to say hey that should be counted as a "hike" but fail to really act on that notion. not again.

    just think if that play would not of worked... That could hurt.