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Welcome and thank you for taking the time and interest to learn what this blog is all about.

Young Finance Guy is a finance, business, and marketing blog. Here you will find content primarily focused on these related topics. Other related topics such as advertising, law, and web development articles are also featured here. This blog was created and is maintained from Williamsburg VA.

I will write about anything that interests me as long as I think it will be suitable and useful for my readers. I like blogging and often use this blog to experiment with other topics that I think users will find entertaining.

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About Me Young Finance Guy

You can read about me the blogger known as Young Finance Guy on my Young Finance Guy Blogger Profile as well.

I live and was raised, in Williamsburg VA.

I have a finance degree and did very well in college (not so well in high school, lol). I paid my way through several years of college by day trading in the Old Dominion University Computer Labs. I have done tons and tons of market research throughout my life (Case and point my awesome stock pick years back on FONR). It has always been a hobby of mine.

Professionally I have been a business owner. I have run many websites some were even successful. I have developed and run several marketing programs for small businesses, and have consistently been successful.

If I could do anything I would figure out how to make a career, or better yet a life, out of blogging and running websites. That idea is very appealing to me and I hope one day to make it a reality.

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If you are a blogger and want to submit a Guest Post please do so. If you are not a blogger but feel like you have something to say then, by all means, feel free to submit an article! Simply go to the Contribute page and paste your article into the comment box. The other way is to email me @ financeblogger1 at Gmail dot com.

Again I thank you for taking the time to read this page and learn about me. Also, I appreciate your interest in learning more about this finance, business, and marketing blog.

- Young Finance Guy

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