Easter and US Consumer Spending

It's Easter 2017!! Well almost... It is Easter weekend!!

Easter is special because folks will go to church to celebrate Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us because of his love for us. We celebrate his victory over death and the grave. We celebrate his victory over sin.

Also please don't forget what our Fox Hole Strippers Taught us?!?!?

"Jesus Loves Strippers Too" - Which is 100% True!! That is an inside joke which only avid readers of this finance blog will understand (which may very well only be me - hahaha - hopefully, that's not true).

This year is extra special because of Easter and US consumer spending

The reasons above do indeed make Easter a special time every year. Having said that there is a little something extra special about this Easter that's different from every other Easter before. More specifically I am referencing the capital investment used to finance the 2017 Easter holiday.

This year America is reaching down deep into her pockets, racking up extra credit card debt, and spending more money on Easter then ever before.

This Easter US consumers will spend over $150 each. Total Easter will cost the fine people of this country almost $18,500,000,000.00! That number is 18.5 billion dollars just in case all those zeros were making your head spin like mine.

Hopefully, we are spending within our monthly budgets. It is important to keep up with the monthly budget as planned!

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Last Updated - 4/15/2017

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