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Are you a blogger who is trying to get some more exposure? Or maybe you are not a blogger but feel like you have something to say. Either way, I welcome you to submit an article to be published here on this finance, business, and marketing blog.

To submit an article simply post it in the comments box or email me at financeblogger1 at Gmail dot com. Make sure you follow the few simple rules and agree to the few simple terms. All of this is listed below.

  • Original Never Before Seen Content Only - Whatever you submit has to new and exclusively for this blog. This means that you can't publish this on any other site before or after.
  • 310 Words or More - Typically longer is better. I need at least 310 words.
  • Links, Media, Videos are OK - If you want to share a video, link, etc. in your article that is fine by me. Just like any aspect of the content I ask that it is relevant and adds value to the article and my blog.
  • Your Article Becomes My Article - Understand that once you submit the article you are also handing over the rights to me. Thus if I feel like editing it I will do just that. I will only edit articles to fix errors, take out excessive links, or to make it better somehow. If someone asked for their article back or made a request to change something I did to their submitted post I would most likely be ok granting the request. However, I would not have to and the choice would ultimately be up to me.
  • Email Pictures, Graphics, or Anything Else - If you have some other media like a video or picture you want in the post then email it to me.

Want a Guest Post From Me?

If you have a blog and you would like a quality, new, and original article from me just say so. I would be happy to contribute to your blog by submitting a guest post. I would send you something that met the above-listed guidelines. Just give me the URL and any other instructions or info in the comment box and I will get you something ASAP!

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