The US Economy Fires Up to End 2010

The GDP growth rose considerably to a annual rate of 3.2% up from the previous 2.6%

The market seems to be doing pretty well and those GDP numbers are pretty solid. Just the same I have some worries.

Cash for Keys

Lenders give thousands of dollars to homeowners who lose their home because of foreclosure. This foreclosure relocation assistance help homeowners cover the cost of moving out of their home and into another residence.

HAFA - Foreclosure Alternative Help

HAFA is the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative program created for homeowners who can not afford to keep their home.

Foreclosure Relocation and Financial Assistance

Homeowners and renters alike are losing their homes at a rapid rate. These homeowners and renters must vacate their homes because of the home being sold due to a foreclosure sale. Many who lose their home in this manner are often left feeling vengeful and out of spite will cause damage to the home or property.

Home Affordable Mortgage

There is a huge need for mortgage assistance amidst a growing population of homeowners in financial hardship. This need has not been over looked.

There are many government mortgage assistance programs and these efforts only seem to be growing in both number and level of effectiveness.

Below you will find a list of homeowner assistance programs developed to provide homeowners the opportunity to obtain beneficial debt help that enables them to make home affordable.

How to Get an Affordable Loan Modification

If you are a homeowner who wants to reduce their mortgage payment via the Obama mortgage modification program known as HAMP the Home Affordable Modification Program than you need to follow the step by step process listed below.

Typical Reverse Mortgage Borrower

Are you considering a reverse mortgage loan?

What is a Reverse Mortgage Loan?

The reverse mortgage was created to help elderly homeowners who need to increase their income.

FHA Reverse Mortgage Equity Conversion Loan

FHA Reverse Mortgage

The FHA reverse mortgage loan is known as HECM – Home Equity Conversion Mortgage.

A FHA reverse mortgage is of course guaranteed by the FHA.

Reverse Mortgage History

History of the Reverse Mortgage

The reverse mortgage loan is a government inspired mortgage product designed to help elderly homeowners tap into their home equity with out the risk of losing their home.

Thoughts on Sales and Sales People

A high performance sales person is one of the most valuable assets a company can have.

Simple Thoughts On Mortgage Lending

When you take out a home loan you are literally buying a dollar for three dollars. By the time you are done paying the mortgage you will have paid the lender three times the money they lent you. This is how most businesses work.

Ivy League College Level Education with out Leveling Your Personal Finances

There are many reason we don't all graduate from those prestigious Ivy League Schools such as Harvard, Stanford, or MIT. These great educational institutions are very expensive. They are insanely competitive.

How to Get a Ivy League Education Free

This article describes how to get a free ivy league caliber education.

Lindsay Lohan - She is Back - Video of her Photo Shoot in Skimpy Black

Well, much of the blogging and vlogging world have their hopes up and are excited about the release of Lindsay Lohan from rehab. Her endless stream of content inspiration so much of the online publishing community craves will most likely start flowing as it once did.

How to Refinance and Lower Your Monthly Payment

This article is a step by step guide on how to refinance and lower your mortgage payment. It is intended for homeowners who need to lower their monthly payments in order to stay current on their home loan.

Refinance Help - Lower Mortgage Payment

Many homeowners, who are still current on their mortgage, are worried about making their next monthly mortgage payment on time. Some will be able to make the next payment, but they know that something has to be done in the near future, or they will default.