How to Get a Ivy League Education Free

This article describes how to get a free ivy league caliber education.

What if someone told you that you were able attend the same lectures held by the same professors that only the academic elite and or extremely rich were able to attend through top notch universities such as Harvard?

Would you believe that person?

Believe it.

How is this possible? 

The Internet.

More specifically a wonderful website known as Academic Earth.

This is a how to article describing the step by step process one can follow to attend a vast and impressive library of current and ongoing lectures from the top rated Universities and elite professors that the planet earth has to offer.

  1. First thing one needs to do is to hop on the computer and get online.
  2. Once you have made your way on to the Internet. Go to your browser and point it towards the following URL... 
  4. Next step is to take a look around and decide which degree you would like to unofficially obtain. You will find that the website is nicely put together and organized. It looks a bit like and other like sites.
  5. After you have decided on a topic and had a chance to look around the site pick your first class and hit play.
  6. Make sure you have a note book and even a spare laptop or iPad may be of use.
  7. Finally start watching and taking notes or just relax while you get a free 3,000 dollar lecture. 

With Academic Earth you can get all the benefit with out ruining your personal finances.

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