SEO Checklist Guide for Small Local Business Owners

SEO for Small Business
If you have started and maintained a website then you probably know how important it is to have a website that is ranked high by the popular search engines. You also most likely understand that this is
no easy task. Search engine optimization is a valuable tool. SEO is also hard. The internet is flooded with websites and the competition is tough. To help small business owners, online marketers, or anyone with a website I have created a search engine optimization checklist.

This guide highlights the key points of great SEO practices.

Credit Card Debt and the US Consumer - One Trillion Dollar Tab

$1,000,000,000,000 (this crazy looking number is called one trillion) plus dollars of credit card debt is currently carried on the shoulders of the US consumer. This is such an astonishing milestone that I decided to do a little research and report on US consumer credit card debt. And I'm glad I did because this research led to some very interesting statistics and information.
Consumers have countless credit card choices

The credit card has become as American as apple pie. We all have a credit card and most of us have more credit card debt than we would care to admit. These financial products have been the grease in the wheels allowing the US economy to flourish and grow at astonishing rates over the past several decades.

Brand Positioning and Market Placement - Establishing Your Business Brand in the Market - Marketing Plan Tutorial

The 5th section of a marketing plan is the Brand Positioning and Market Placement description. In this section, the idea is to describe what is unique about your product or service. Naturally following this idea is where your brand or product is placed in the comparative market.

Balance Sheet for Small Business Explained

The "Balance Sheet" is an accounting standard financial document that details the worth of the business at that particular moment. To put it plainly the balance sheet simply accounts for everything
Small Business Finance and Accounting
of value that the business owns and then adjusts that sum with consideration to everything the business owes. The resulting figure is the company worth. The financial world refers to this as "equity".

Being that finance is one of the most important functions of every business, and the balance sheet is an absolute standard of company finance, I have created this resource to explain the details of a small business balance sheet.

Big Business - Examples of the New Dominating Trait Creating Giants

The world of large corporations and big business is constantly changing. Decades ago this landscape was controlled by large manufacturers in many of these giants still exist. Pepsi, PM, McDonalds, and others stand strong. But a new type of giant is emerging. One that has proven they can quickly turn industries such as advertising, media, and retail upside down. These giants have one very effective and often overlooked characteristic at their core that allows them to grow thrive, and often destroy companies with old school business models with little warning.