Brand Positioning and Market Placement - Establishing Your Business Brand in the Market - Marketing Plan Tutorial

The 5th section of a marketing plan is the Brand Positioning and Market Placement description. In this section, the idea is to describe what is unique about your product or service. Naturally following this idea is where your brand or product is placed in the comparative market.

This is where you lay out how you want to be seen, identified, and recognized by your target customers and the overall market.

You accomplish this by having a positioning statement and a brand statement.

Positioning Statement

The positioning statement clarifies three things:

  1. Name of product, service, or business
  2. What makes you unique and different
  3. Description of your target market and ideal customers

Let's look at an example using a local tree service company

  • Dan's Tree Service
  • A williamsburg tree serivce that provides superior service and job quality for a competive price. 
  • Our customers are upper class homeowners who have retired to nationally esteemed golfing communities. They take pride in their prized homes and property. They appreciate a higher quality life style having found that the value derived from fairly priced top quality goods and services ultimately yields a ehigher return in satifaction and enjoyment compared to the lesser so called lesser quality bargin options. 

Brand Statement

The brand statement is the sales message or promise your brand offers to your target market

Here is another tree service business example...

  • Williamsburg tree service committed to offering superior quality tree services by maintaining the best equipment, most talented and well trained crew, utilizing the most innovative and efficent work stratagies, and providing customer service that values honesty and integrity. Our customers experience unmatched service quality and job value for a fair and competitive price.

Final Thoughts on Positioning and Placement

Ultimately your positioning and placement set your sights on the desired resulting effects of your promotional efforts on your target market and even the public at large.

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