Big Business - Examples of the New Dominating Trait Creating Giants

The world of large corporations and big business is constantly changing. Decades ago this landscape was controlled by large manufacturers in many of these giants still exist. Pepsi, PM, McDonalds, and others stand strong. But a new type of giant is emerging. One that has proven they can quickly turn industries such as advertising, media, and retail upside down. These giants have one very effective and often overlooked characteristic at their core that allows them to grow thrive, and often destroy companies with old school business models with little warning.

This new giant flourishes because they create grow and control a market place. This is the new characteristic that fuels the new emerging business giants. Below I give examples.


Wal-Mart was one of the first to create a powerhouse market place that became more powerful then anyone thing they sold. It was their promise to offer a place with unmatched retail value. This allowed them to have their way with the actual product makers. They control the price and the terms. The manufacturer and brand just accepts what they are offered.


Google offers the most organized and accurate directory of web pages and other helpful information that can be easily searched by people seeking answers to almost any question. Thus they know when someone is looking to purchase and they know what they want to purchase. This incredible insight into users wants has allowed them to offer the most effective form of advertising ever offered to the commercial world.

Amazon and Ebay

These two online retail giants have created an easy to use platform for buyers and sellers both big and small to do business with ease and low cost. Amazon and Ebay have created a virtual store that has anything and everything available to anyone with access to the internet.


Facebook is the latest giant to enter the arena. They offer folks a safe and easy to use place to connect with everyone you know all at the same time. Thus they get to know their users interests, likes, and dislikes. They know their age, sex, education, and more. They have the worlds individual demographics at their fingertips and are able to offer these insights to advertisers.

So that is the new big business giant. The market place creator.

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