SEM - Search Advertising - The Top Advertiser Benefits

Search Marketing is a Great way for Small Business to Advertise
Quality traffic from search engines provides online business websites with consumers that buy products. Traffic from search engines will increase financial profitability for companies who successfully obtain relevant keyword searchers from Google and other search engines online.

The most important factor and best indicator of the success of any given website is the amount of traffic it obtains. If you sell a product via a website online then you know that the more traffic you are able to generate the more sales you can expect. Thus it is absolutely vital to your online marketing success that you have a plan to obtain traffic and consistently grow the traffic your website receives. If you have ever competed in a half way competitive niche online then you know that getting good quality traffic to your site is hard. There are a lot of people going after each relevant user/potential customer just like you are.

It can be frustrating for a business owner who has a great product that adds more value to users then the competitor's product yet the owner is unable to get the traffic and thus is unable to over come the competition despite the fact that he is selling a better product for a better price. This happens all the time. If you have spent all your time on the product and your competition has spent all their time bringing in traffic then you are at a disadvantage. But there is a solution that levels out the playing field.

The solution is PPC Search Engine Marketing

This advertising strategy allows you to buy only relevant clicks to your website from searchers on Google and other search engines. There are tons of wonderful amazing benefits that allow you as a business owner to maximize the advertising value and benefit you get per dollar spent on advertising.

Advertiser Benefits from SEM PPC Adverting

PPC Search Engine Advertising is the most valuable and effective advertising tool available to business today. If you are looking to start an online business Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a must! It is a great quick way to begin an immediate and cost effective lead generation campaign for countless types of business.

1 - Only Advertise to Relevant User Searches

You will only bid on keywords that make sense for your product/service. For instance, instead of buying a spot in the newspaper that is seen by everyone who reads it including those who don't care about the particular product or service that you are selling will see the advertisement and you as an advertiser have to pay for that worthless privilege. With Search advertising, you only advertise to users that are searching for the keywords and phrases that you bid on which are those keywords that your target market search when interested in making a purchase of what you're selling. So if you sell used cars then you will bid on keywords that are used by searchers who want to buy a used car. You will bid on phrases such as "best place to buy a used car" "trustworthy used car dealer" "your city used car dealer" "best-used cars". This benefit saves you tons of wasted advertising dollars that would otherwise be spent on people who don't care about your product/service as you would when buying advertising through traditional print media such as the local news paper.

2 - Free Visual Impressions from Related Searches - You Only Pay when a User Clicks

As a SEM Advertiser, you will have your ad appear to 85-99% of users at no cost. This is because you only have to pay for those users that click on your advertisement. If they click on another ad or an organic listing then you are not charged despite being given some exposure to an interested consumer. This must add some value to your brand and advertising efforts.

3 - Easily Track Advertising Performance and Optimize Your Return Per Ad Dollar Spent

Unlike traditional advertising, you will be able to track what search key words and phrases turn into sales more often and what searches don't work for your product and sales efforts. Thus over time you will be able to perfect how you spend your money and what keywords to focus your online advertising presence as well as website towards. This information can give you a one up over the competition who would have no way of knowing without going through the same processes as you.

4 - Instant Buyers at Your Finger Tips

It is absolutely amazing to think that in less than 24 hours a business owner is able to throw themselves in front of what is often a seemingly infinite population of ready to purchase consumers. No need to earn that reputation before you are able to get a chance to show your ready to buy consumers what you have to offer. Simply create a campaign on AdWords and buy buyers instantly.

5 - Better Business Gets Better Value Per Ad Dollar

The best benefit to SEM is that businesses that provide better ads and send their users to  more useful pages will pay less per click than the other advertisers who are unable to satisfy the consumer as well. Google doesn't just give the click to the highest bidder. The bid amount does have a big influence on where you rank and how often you are shown but it is only one factor of many. The factors are listed below.

  1. CTR of Ad
  2. Relevance of On Page Content to Keyword
  3. On-Site User Behavior
  4. Amount Bid

These factors are used to come up with an ad score which determines where and how often you are shown for any given keyword.

6 - Budget and Traffic Volume Easily Adjusted in Seconds

If you need to cut off the advertising before originally planned there is no issue and you will be able to stop spending money in no time. Just the opposite is true you are able to obtain more traffic simply by increasing the campaign specs and or the amount you bid on the existing keywords.

There is no doubt that most business owners will find that SEM advertising yields the greatest return for every dollar spent. I encourage folks not to stop there. Many online marketing methods such as content marketing, PPC advertising, and many other outlets will reward advertising dollars with huge sales and revenue increases.  Explore all your options so that you can maximize the potential profitability of your business.

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