Tax Law and the American Tax Flaw

No taxation with out representation. This is a wonderful and essential principle of the United States tax system. This principle is at the core of tax law, as well as its relation to government representation, and part of the foundation of the current governing system. Despite this founding principle deeply woven into the structure of America, there is a flaw.

The flaw is not in the no taxation with out representation the flaw comes in the form of a missing component to that same principle.

What is the American Flaw of Tax Law?

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Sold Out - 175 Million Peanuts

Charles Schulz the creator of Peanuts and the lovable Charlie Brown and his dog Snoopy has managed to make waves across the branding and advertising world despite being dead.

Forgive the blunt language, I love the cartoon classic, I even contribute to the 2 billion a year in retail sales the trade mark and brand pump out on an annual basis (not for me my pops can not get enough of them {teachers}).

The brass tax of the deal boils down to the following: