Debt Help and Debt Solution

The Economy is in a bad place. This is the result of careless and irresponsible lending and borrowing.

The major banks and financial institutions are gasping for cash similar to a smoker gasping for air. This cancer like smokers fit is causing financial ruin. The worst part of this idea is that it may only be half way through.

At the pit of this massive mess of financial hardship are the American consumer and the American dream. Both exist with the risk of becoming a history lesson.

Both businesses and consumers, are being bled to death through fees and hiked interest rates and at the same time their borrowing limits and lines of credit are being strangled and terminated left and right.

Is There Debt Solution for Those in Need of Debt Help?

The economy, the consumer, the banking system, the small, large, new, and old businesses as well as almost every industry are all in desperate need of debt solution.

Brian T. Moynihan - A New Year and A New CEO for Bank of America

Come December 31st when Ken Lewis steps down as the Chief Executive officer of Bank of America Brian T. Moynihan will take over as CEO and will have a seat on the Board of Directors.

Mortgage Modification - No Easy Task

Obtaining a loan modification is hard. The lenders are overwhelmed with calls and mortgage defaults. It seems as if the only tactic they have to deal with the overwhelming volume of calls is the run-around and what a run it is. Homeowners, loan modification service reps, attorneys, nonprofit advocates, and even politicians have no luck with the dreaded call centers of the typical mortgage lender.

Don't take my word for it....

If she can't get these things through then who else is going to be able to obtain a loan modification?

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Mortgage Modification Three Times More Likely to Reduce Principle

HAMP Qualifications - Obama Mortgage Help

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