Economic Growth - GDP 2.2% - Is It Real?

The final numbers are in for the third quarter and the numbers show a 2.2% growth in the Gross Domestic Product, also referred to as GDP. Now this figure can be good or bad news depending on who you talk to.

If you ask me any positive growth is great news. I mean things have seemed so bad that the notion that economic activity is on the rise is extremely appealing.

On the other hand the expectations were set for about 3% so many investors were spooked when they saw a figure that was about 30% or so lower then they were thinking. Though other figures that came out along side these numbers helped ease the pain. For instance existing home sales, as well as home prices were both very positive.

I for one am just glad to see things going the right direction. But I can no help but to feel a bit skeptical of the numbers.

When I am out and about in the real world things just don't match the financial head lines. For instance, I noticed that the trick or treat tradition no longer exists in any comparative form to just 10 years ago. Though this is an observation of a local area, and hardly a sophisticated indicator, it does tell me that if there is growth, then the lack of trick or treaters must be accounted for some where. But where? I also noticed that there were no xmass tree dealers in town this year. They use to pack each and every parking lot. Where did they go?

I have seen little reason to believe that there has been any sort of growth. All I have witnessed, for my self, is less.

A little less of everything.

Any Thoughts?

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