HAMP Modifications Are Drying Up - Uh Oh?

I was reading over an article I saw on a proclaimed debt help resource for homeowners.

The article was on the stats and numbers pertaining to the HAMP modification performance to date.

I expected to see good numbers as I have been hearing good things amidst the never ending slue of finance blog posts that I read on the housing market.

Stabilizing The Housing Market – How America Did It

The mortgage loan and housing crisis created tremendous economic anxiety and directed the American economy towards a black hole of financial hardship.

Though the US economy is not out of the recession or perhaps depression, things have appeared to settle down a bit.

It looks as if the housing market may be stabilizing. This sis a article exploring the steps and actions that were taken to stabilize the US housing market.

Refinancing Consumer Craze - Low Mortgage Interest Rates

Low Mortgage Rates – Low Mortgage Origination –
Sky Rocketing Mortgage Refinance Origination Loans

Low Mortgage Rates Create High Demand for Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage rates are low as they can be. I honestly do not know if we are ever going to see rates this low ever again. Though I should say that statements like that somehow always seem to turn out wrong.

Sex Sells - Republicans Reverting to What Works - Watch Out Palin - Nikki Haley is Turning Heads

 Republicans Sporting Old Fashioned Sex Appeal

Republicans and the rest of the political world are still not quite sure what they uncovered when they brought Sarah Palin to the presidential race. I say the republican party is really on to something here.

Financial Reform Pushed Through By Democratic Majority and Three Republicans

A New Financial Industry Reform Bill Has Passed

Well 2,100 pages of potential American Policy and Law fixing to keep a tighter watch on the financial industries practices of marketing products to the American Consumer is on its way to Presidents Obama's Desk. Obama is expected to sign.

Goldman Sachs Settles with the SEC - Over Half a Billion Dollars - No Financial Biggie

Goldman Sachs who really caught some heat from the subprime mortgage securities it was selling as securities (imagine that) settled with the SEC for a little more then 500 million dollars.

Judge Judy Rules On America's Tube

Judge Judy Tops Ratings Charts

So I am glancing over scraps of a USA Today Newspaper and wouldn't you know it Judge Judy is glaring at me from the Life section with that judgmental scowl. Actually that is a bit of a fib. She was smiling and looked deceptively friendly.

Credit Unions or Banks? Are they the Same? Whats the Difference?

So I was out with a girl the other night. It is our second date. We were talking and some how the term bank and credit union came up. She didn't know the difference.

Know the difference between credit unions and banks. Please.

Well to save the very few others who don't know here is the scoop...

Summer Block Buster Does it Right - Cameron and Tom Light It Up

For a while, I lost faith in the big screen. It just seemed that it was all about the quick money and not so much about the movie. The producers spend big on advertising and marketing talent and almost nothing on movie making talent. I hate that trend.

However, I am glad to share that the action-packed blockbuster known as "Knight and Day" has reawakened my soft side for shelling out $10.00 for a flick.

Mrs. Diaz was awesome and cruise was cool too. These guys really pulled it off together.

C. Diaz in small silver sexy bikini bottom