Debt Help and Debt Solution

The Economy is in a bad place. This is the result of careless and irresponsible lending and borrowing.

The major banks and financial institutions are gasping for cash similar to a smoker gasping for air. This cancer like smokers fit is causing financial ruin. The worst part of this idea is that it may only be half way through.

At the pit of this massive mess of financial hardship are the American consumer and the American dream. Both exist with the risk of becoming a history lesson.

Both businesses and consumers, are being bled to death through fees and hiked interest rates and at the same time their borrowing limits and lines of credit are being strangled and terminated left and right.

Is There Debt Solution for Those in Need of Debt Help?

The economy, the consumer, the banking system, the small, large, new, and old businesses as well as almost every industry are all in desperate need of debt solution.

Brian T. Moynihan - A New Year and A New CEO for Bank of America

Come December 31st when Ken Lewis steps down as the Chief Executive officer of Bank of America Brian T. Moynihan will take over as CEO and will have a seat on the Board of Directors.

Mortgage Modification - No Easy Task

Obtaining a loan modification is hard. The lenders are overwhelmed with calls and mortgage defaults. It seems as if the only tactic they have to deal with the overwhelming volume of calls is the run-around and what a run it is. Homeowners, loan modification service reps, attorneys, nonprofit advocates, and even politicians have no luck with the dreaded call centers of the typical mortgage lender.

Don't take my word for it....

If she can't get these things through then who else is going to be able to obtain a loan modification?

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Mortgage Modification Three Times More Likely to Reduce Principle

HAMP Qualifications - Obama Mortgage Help

Debt Solutions

Fonar Corporation (FONR) - A Play On MRI's and Sitting Down

Young Finance Guy's Speculative Picks - 

  • Fonar Corp; Ticker Symbol FONR
Fonar is a medical company in both the Physician management and servicing industry as well as (and more so) the medical equipment industry. More specifically Fonar creates, develops, and sells MRI equipment. Not just any MRI equipment but cutting edge, innovative, and better performing MRI scanners such as their patented Upright MRI.

S&P Efforts to Predict Mortgage Bonds Potential Losses

Earlier in the week Standard & Poors announced that they will be analyzing and reporting on the potential losses to come on existing mortgage backed bonds and securities. You may not be surprised to hear that the Bond Rating industry and the firms it is composed of have caught some serious heat for doing more then just being inaccurate. S&P as well as all other major bond rating industries have been accused by many to have some faulty business and compensation models.

Big Money Put Up by Ad-Networks and Tech Firms

For the most part tech firms and the tech industry as a collective whole are used to seeing rising tides of cash and spending from businesses large and small. This has held true over the short history of the existence of the mainstream tech industries and tech firms. Of course we all remember the tech bubble but that and the recent economic turmoil that we have all suffered through on planet Earth has been the only down side.

Bank of America Posts a Loss for the Quarter

The North Carolina based lender Bank of America posted a billion dollar loss for the last earnings quarter. This perhaps may not sound surprising to many but if you consider that Citi posted a profit and Goldman Sachs was confused when someone mentioned something about a recession...ha.

But seriously Goldman Sachs is right back on top posting some real impressive numbers.

Obama Loan Modification - From 1 to 500,000 Mortgage Modifications

The Obama Loan Modification program known as the making home affordable plan has been a success! Mortgage Lenders finally got the hint from President Obama and his administration, They are now clearly headed in the right direction and offering Homeowner Hope to those in financial distress.

Australia Interest Rates Increased - Stock Market Soars

Australia raised their interest rates or rather the cost to borrow money. Investors took this as a sign of hope and the stock market rallied on the news release of Australia's interest rate hike.

Citi Bank Scales Back Retail Banking Operations

Citi Bank which is one of the largest financial institutions in the world and in to a little bit of everything and a little bit too much, has announced plans to scale back their retail banking operations and has said it will be reducing the number of branches.

Disney Buys Super Heroes and The rest from Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics, the creator of comic book legends such as the X-Men, Spider-Man, and the other 5000 super heroes and evil doers, will be part of the Mickey Mouse family. That's right, Disney has acquired the rights of the Marvel Comic Book Characters and it only cost them 4 Billion dollars. That comes to just under a million dollars a character. Though obviously the value of each character varies considerably.

It is no wonder these marvel comic movies have been coming out by the cluster and in record time over the past few years. I honestly think that all the block buster hits hitting the big screen falsely increases the perceived value. The earnings potential, over the next decade or less, may be over estimated. None the less this is still an excellent buy for Mickey and the Disney Family for the long term.

I think another issue this brings up is the flood of weird financial garage sales of "name and labels" even Dow Jones Industrial Average is up for grabs. That just seems insane.

Ben Bernanke to serve another term as the Chairmen of the Federal Reserve

August 2009

President Obama interrupted his vacation this late August to publicly announce that he is appointing Ben Bernanke to serve another term as the Chairmen of the Federal Reserve.

GM Insiders bail out - Idiot Investors buy Pink shares over the counter

May 2009

This post is just to share the sec fillings of 6 insiders at GM who have bailed on there own company as they see there stock holders getting wiped out. The six insiders dumped all there shares entirely. If you own this stock sell it.