Big Money Put Up by Ad-Networks and Tech Firms

For the most part tech firms and the tech industry as a collective whole are used to seeing rising tides of cash and spending from businesses large and small. This has held true over the short history of the existence of the mainstream tech industries and tech firms. Of course we all remember the tech bubble but that and the recent economic turmoil that we have all suffered through on planet Earth has been the only down side.

Yahoo is spending big bucks to capture the attention of marketers and advertisers. From what I can gather from such sources as IDC, Method Inc., and the Wall Street Journal, it looks as if Yahoo will be committing 100 million or so dollars in aid to their efforts. I wonder if the notion that they will not have to spend on  search engine research and development has some motive behind this since they are still "use to" the financial burden.

I personally think that they should focus on a publishers network separate from search. Yahoo is, but suspiciously slowly if you ask me.

Others spending include... well almost everyone such as Microsoft's 300 million, Google is in on the action and I have even noticed a sharp increase in their own ads on their own ad network.

The motive to rush out and expedite the ad dollars is the tech industry's assumption that the spending is coming back and everyone wants to be front and center as it comes time for these penny pinching firms to unleash the cash that has been sitting on the sidelines.

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