Big Site, Big Content, Big Rankings - 3 Big SEO Tips

If you are online creating and maintaining a website or blog then you know how hard it is to get top SERP rankings from Google. Today the competition is brutal! We can all agree on that. We can also agree that it's hard to get and maintain a top spot on Google. But it's not impossible. You just have to be willing to go BIG!
Solid SEO on-site practices will lead to big Google rankings and big traffic

If you are willing to go big then you need to read these three effective SEO tips that will get you big rankings and big traffic.

3 Big SEO Tips

1) Have a Big Site

If you want to compete in today's SERPs then you need to go big or go home. Bigger sites rank better than smaller sites. It's a simple fact. Google gives bigger sites some sort of authority pop. This means you may have to spend some extra time writing content and should probably think about hiring someone to write as well. Any site that is going to be a real contender is going to have to have at least 2-3 people contributing content.

2) Have Big Quality Content that Adds Big Value

300 small 300-word fluff articles are not going to cut it. You need to develop 900 plus word articles that add real value to your blog or site. Your articles need to be easy to read and more importantly worth reading. Make sure you include other media with your articles such as pictures and videos.

Also, your users must convert. If your content is just meant to be read then you need what is often referred to as "long click" users. This means your users have to stay on the page and read the articles. What you don't want are users who find your page on google then hit the back button within 3 seconds.

You want top performing articles.

3) Make Sense and Effective Internal Link Management

Organize link juice wisely.You need to think about what Google Bot sees. Be sure that all your pages link to the best most important pages of your site. Make sure you have a common sense link navigation structure that is user-friendly and intuitive.

What About Off Site SEO?

You may be asking yourself why I am not focusing on backlinks, guest posting, directories, and the like. Those things don't matter if you don't have great onsite SEO. You need to focus on user experience and content value first and back links second.

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  1. 100% true. Good luck in promoting your site and content.

    1. Thanks for the interest and contribution. I really appreciate you taking the time to read what I have to say about search optimization. Lord knows it is a tricky tricky art and is forever changing and perhaps could even become irrelevant.

      ...Well I doubt that. LOL

  2. This post has some great points! Gone are the days when simply flooding s site with junk would get u at least some chunk of traffic. Today you need content that is top quality. This is a good thing though. It may take the smaller guy a little longer but as long as he is willing to put in the effort he will infact have less competition. It will just take a little longer.