On-Site SEO Activities

This post is simply a helpful resource identifying some common on-site seo activities.

Below is a general list of on-site activities that will enhance search engine visibility.

Common On-site SEO Activity

  • Linking keywords with in your site to other corresponding pages with out taking away from user experience.
  • Creating relevant meta tags for keywords and descriptions that are short, accurate, and precise.
  • keeping a consistent feel and design through out your entire site.
  • Maintaining common sense and easy navigation system or strategy for your site including the actual structure of the URLs themselves.
  • Try to keep out bound links to a minimum and perhaps only do so from a blog.
  • Write articles in a structured user and search engine friendly manor.
  • Keep article topics narrow and focused on the topic and keyword you are optimizing for.
  • Use relevant pictures and provide keyword in tags, description and title of picture. Provide captions.
  • Have a site map.
  • Track your sites performance with some sort of statistics and analytical software such as Google Analytics.
  • Update and improve upon your existing content as needed.
  • Make sure you can get to every page on your site from any given page.

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    1. All the SEO activities revolve around quality content. If there is no content which promises quality and unique information then everything else is a waste of time.

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