Ireland Takes Bailout

If you have followed global finance at all over the last couple of weeks then you have undoubtedly been exposed to the current Irish bailout controversy.

The EU feels that Ireland is financially. This feeling was shared by some Irish. Though many folks from Ireland vomit at the notion of getting a bailout. Many feel they can handle things on their own.

Outsiders had mixed views as well. Certainly Germany, whom has been a strong economic rock amidst their peers struggles to obtain billions and billions in loans and other forms of stimulus, has their hang ups about financing yet another bailout. They have hardly been rewarded for their stable economy. They have just been writing checks left and right to bailout those who have fared less well.

Ireland finally accepted a 110 billion dollar bailout package which is composed of an 80 billion Euro three year loan package.

Personally I am just glad to see this thing through. I have been sick of hearing it.

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