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Sexy bikini woman sells sign
Sex Sells
There is no question about it... Sex Sells... Really Well!!

If you are having a hard time getting the attention of potential clients, the one strategy you can always turn to is boosting your advertising strategy with a sexy makeover. It will work every time!

I remember reading a blog post by a freelance online ad manager (I'd link to it but I just could not find it). He was giving an example about a dentist he was doing some online advertising for. He was hired on to create a presence on facebook. Specifically, he told us about a very successful ad he ran. This was back when facebook had those picture ads. Anyways he had a picture of a very nice looking woman with large breasts in a tight sweater. The CTR and conversion rate were great. It was very successful.

Then several weeks into it the Dentist said he thought it was too much. It just wasn't appropriate. After all, this was a family Dentist. The marketer agreed but argued that the success of the campaign rested greatly on the "sex sells" principle. But the Dentist insisted that he replace the sexy tight sweater with something less titillating. The CTR plummeted.

A week later the dentist called back. The tight sweater and well-endowed woman were back on the social media circuit.

I just love that story.

sexy teen sells soccer ball marketing campaign
I actually have my own little case study here on this finance blog. I often use pictures with my posts. Overall a post with a picture is more popular compared to a post with no picture. Not always but very often that is the case.

Furthermore, a post with a picture of a pretty woman is always popular.

I have 3 posts (links at the bottom if you want to take a look) on this blog that have what you could call sexy pictures as part of the content make up. All three of these posts are in the top ten all-time most popular posts. Which is pretty impressive when you consider those three posts make up about 1.3% of total posts (I have 180+ posts as of now). Yet they make 30% of the top 10. That's pretty compelling evidence!

You may have noticed that I have some rather appealing young women here. Perhaps these young ladies had something to do with you reading this very post investigating the well-known advertising and marketing strategy - Sex Sells. It probably doesn't hurt.

Only time will tell.

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  1. I agree that having a picture of an attractive woman in a bikini in a advertisement is always going to get more attention than the same advertisement except with a picture of a avg looking 45 yr old bald guy. In this scenario there is no doubt... sex sells.

    I wonder however if there can be some draw backs to that lady in the bikini? Perhaps some folks will be distracted by her and not focus on the advertising message?

    I don't know I suppose I can see it both ways.

    1. You bring up a good point the advertisement could get more attention but not necessarily more sales for the business.