Queen Narissa's Hag Costume - 2007 Enchanted

The Hag Costume of Queen Narissa
Enchanted 2007 - Hag Costume - Queen Narsia

This is the Hag Costume that Queen Narissa Wears in the 2007 Movie Enchanted.

Susan Sarandon played Queen Narsia in the 2007 movie Enchanted. She sported this costume when the Queen transformed into the Hag to trick Giselie with the old poison apple trick. Giselie was played by the actress known as Amy Adams.

The Hag costume was designed after the cloak the Hag wars in the film's animated opening. In this opening scene Narissa throws Giselle through the portal leading to the human world where Giselle lands in New York, New York.

This costume was created by the designer known as Mona May.

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