California Mortgage Help from Hardest Hit Fund Program

California Housing Finance Agency has taken measures to offset the consequences of elevated levels of foreclosure and mortgage default by developing government mortgage assistance programs through the Hardest Hit fund. The California Foreclosure Assistance Plan provides debt help and mortgage assistance for homeowners in financial hardship. 

The California mortgage assistance programs have been developed by working with lenders, loan servicers, borrowers, housing counselors, and private mortgage insurers to create, develop, and utilize targeted mortgage solutions that will reduce the growing amount of foreclosures and help financially troubled homeowners keep their home.

Four California Homeowner Assistance Programs

The California Foreclosure Assistance Plan is composed of four mortgage help programs. Three of the four programs focus on creating an opportunity for homeowners to keep their home. The fourth program provides homeowners with foreclosure relocation assistance in the form of financial aid.

  • Monthly Mortgage Payment Assistance for Unemployed Homeowners - Provides homeowners with financial  aid to help pay the monthly mortgage payments.
  • Home Loan Reinstatement - Helps homeowners bring their loan current by providing financial assistance to pay of part of the past due balance.
  • Mortgage Balance and Principle Cuts - Gives borrowers with upside down home loans financial aid to pay off part of the principle balance on the mortgage loan.
  • Moving Assistance and Financial Aid - Provides borrowers who are losing their home due to a short sale or deed in lieu up to 5,000 dollars in foreclosure relocation assistance. This cash for keys like program provide financial assistance to homeowners who will incur moving expenses due to foreclosure.

Though the foreclosure and home assistance programs will help a great deal of homeowners in financial hardship they will only put a dent in the entire California foreclosure crisis. These programs that are funded through the Making Home Affordable Plan's Hardest Hit Fund will act as an effective compliment to the Federal mortgage assistance programs such as the Home Affordable Modification Program and the Home Affordable Refinance Program.


  1. California Mortgage Help from Hardest Hit Fund Program. Homeowners in the most heavily real estate-slumping states now have programs they can tap or will soon be able to tap thanks to the Obama administration's Hardest Hit Fund.

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