US Unemployment Checks - Two Million Say Good Bye

Today two million unemployed Americans say goodbye to their unemployment checks.

I have never been good at saying goodbye. For the purposes of this post that really does not matter.

I have never received unemployment benefits. So I will not be one of the two million US citizens who will have to say goodbye to their unemployment checks today.

These folks have been collecting free money from the US Government for at least 99 weeks. That is about two years for all you math gurus.

Many democrats are disappointed. They wanted to extend unemployment further. They felt that we should keep on paying folks who have been out of work for two years.


Personally I think that logic is nuts. I think two years is nuts. I think our policy makers must be ignorant to the fact that a HUGE portion of the folks who collect unemployment are milking the system for a free ride. I know I was clueless until about 4 or 5 years ago when I I was of the age and maturity to have friends and acquaintances who were unemployed.

I must confess that I do not know a whole lot of folks who make less than 40,000 especially if you don't include those whom are students.

Just the same I have estimated that I know of about 8-12 people on unemployment. Nine of those folks (in my humble opinion) are working the system over. They are not working because they are getting paid not to work. Many of them would look at you stupid if you asked why they don't want to go get a job while they are collecting unemployment. Maybe they are right.

Life is all about incentive and very little else if anything else.

So why is it that someone whom collects a pay check whether they clock in for 8 hours doing something they would most likely rather not do or if they do as they would if on an extended weekend.

I am not sure one can argue with that logic.

There is pride... but that is "hit" once your on unemployment, so why not milk it.

There is principle... but those folks never apply for unemployment.

Frankly, I think anything over two or three months of "free money" is plenty. Sure maybe in many situations those folks should still get some sort of aid from their government. But the shape and form of that assistance should not be a blind check week after week.

If nothing else we should at least put them to work and get some kind of value for the tax payers buck.

I would not be surprised if some of you are growling as you read this post. but let's just take a second and step back.

Every week 2,000,000 checks go out. These checks are going to folks who under normal conditions would have been dropped from unemployment due to the normal expiration of a citizens right to unemployment. However we extended them. So these people whom have already maxed out the system were given an additional 100 pay checks. The working man paid for an additional two million salaries every week for two years. Don't forget these are just the folks whom were extended the extra 99 week duration. By this I am implying that there are way more then two million collecting unemployment.

Given the above considerations, if we do the math at just a 100 dollars a week then we come up with about 20 billion dollars. That is about the amount that all online advertisers spend over 3 to 5 months total. That accounts for at least a decade of porn revenue. Now our figure we just calculated is wrong. People get more then 100 a week.

I don't want to take part in a more realistic calculation. It is to scary.

So... as I stated earlier, two million unemployed Americans will have to say good bye to their unemployment checks.


How much you want to bet we see a spike in employment numbers with in 25 - 35 days.

I am calling it.


  1. I growl and I agree. Mostly agree though. I once was laid off from a job and that was my first time getting unemployment.

    - First let me say that I feel entitled since I paid in for 17 years and then lost my job undue to any fault of my own. I immediately panicked and set out to find employmnet as I had never been unemployed since the ripe old age of 13. I sent out resume after resume and foot trafficed to employable spots, I lowered my standards, and even dummied up my resume when I kept getting told I was over qualified.

    But then came my unemployment check. It was a great amount. I tried diligently for months to get work but no one would hire me not even for half of what I was previously making. I sat down one day in an attempt to sort things out and redid my budget. Since I wasn't working I no longer had to pay daycare and travel costs. I was coming out way ahead not working! Imagine my surprise! And I got to stay home with my kids and volunteer at their schools etc.

    I say all that to say this. sometimes they do make unemployment so good to you that one would rather be lazy and just get paid. So while I do not think it is unethical to receive unemployment I do see A LOT and am guilty myself, of being less aggressive about seeking employment when what they paid me not work seemed like the better deal.

  2. This is a great example.

    I think you would have to be crazy not to make the decision Raquel made.

    Think about it...

    - Her Kid is going to have a better childhood.
    - Your "free cash flow" increases
    - I am guessing that her house hold is in better order or at least less of a stress to get done than before.
    - You can expand and explore new interests hobbies and skills (blogging)
    - Plus you get the opportunity to be embarrassed by your daughter when she picks up on your mistakes and slips at school lunches and functions while other kids are just "pisses-ed" that their mom could not make it.

    All and all... You made the right financial and life decision as far as I can tell... almost surprised you tried so hard in the beginning.


    - Finance Guy

  3. Well thank you for seeing it my way. I love it when that happens. Just FYI- back to work now for over 2 years and making 40% off what I was making before my layoff and making over a $100 less a week than unemployment.

  4. well I am glad you have been able to find work and earn less... congrats.

    I have a feeling a lot of folks are not so "tax payer concious"

    Of course I see it your way... we are living in Raquel's World - Are we not?


    - Finance Guy

  5. May I please add my two cents. Okay, thanks! I am 48 years old. Been working since I was a junior in high school. During my first marriage I became a stay-at-home mom. Guess what...divorce came and "tada"!! I had no real skills to get a good paying job to raise my two children. So..went to school on a pell grant, stayed up many late nights doing my homework, cried some, exhausted myself but when I got that great job...a whole $16,000/yr..woo hoo!! It was all worth it and my kiddos look back and are very proud of ole mom. Anyway, fast forward in life, I am now employed by the U.S. Census Bureau, was laid off a few months ago and collected my first unemployment. Took way too long to actually get my first payment and it wasn't anything to brag about. Back at work now until March, (if we are lucky) and then who knows what, who wants a 48 year old whose real talent is writing (so I have heard). Any takers for one hell of a lady!!

  6. Hey a lot can happen in less time than that.

    Plus, as you said, you are one heck of a lady!

    Thanks for the contribution, everyone appreciates it.

    Keep us updated and feel free to drop any interesting info you have learned from your work with the US Census Bureau.