Articles of Organizaton - LLC

In the wake of the economy and the correlating loss of employment that has effected many Americans more and more professionals are taking matters into their own hands. Folks are going into business on their own and many of these folks plan on starting a LLC to work under.

This is generally a smart decision as a LLC provides some legal protection and limits exposure to both legal and financial liability.

To form a LLC one must first write and file the Articles of Organization.

The Articles of Organization is the most important document of an LLC. In fact this document is what makes an "LLC" a "LLC". Given this notion it has been suggested that anyone whom starts an LLC take great care and concern when writing the Articles of Organization.

This article is here as a step by step guide outlining the fundamental process and components one needs to follow in order to write and structure the "Articles of Organization" for an LLC. The exact requirements for this document vary from state to state so you need to use this guide along side  your own research.

How to Write the Articles of Organization for an LLC 

Article 1

First section consists of just some very basic information; the LLC name.

Article 2

The second section is a outline and description of who will manage the LLC.  Nine times out of ten this is the members of the LLC.

Article 3

The third section is dedicated to the members, managers, and resident agent of the LLC. The members are the ones with a financial stake in the company. The members generally are the managers as well. However in the case that the managers of the LLC are different from the members then the managers need to be listed. Finally the resident agent needs to be listed. Along with the names of all the applicable individuals the addresses as well as any contact info that you wish to include.

Article 4

Finally the agents office address must be documented. This will be filed as the registered office of the LLC that will be on file.

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