Small Business Marketing - A Warning to Small Business Owners

As you may or may not know there are many outlets for dentist, family physicians, lawyers, and any other common local business owners to obtain professional help with advertising, marketing, and related efforts and needs.

What you may not know is that there is most likely no other consumer with in the marketing and advertising industry that is more sought out by marketing firms then this target market.

The reasons behind this is simple.

They meet the perfect sales and marketing business model.

Professionals such as yourself have a lot of money and excellent sources of cash flow. This is true of many folks. There are much bigger and fatter wallets out there that firms don't bother with because those “wallets” don't have the other key characteristic.

The consumer (you) has no idea of what to expect or what is possible in terms of results, cost (margins or the premiums you guys pay), or knowledge of what is involved in terms of providing the marketing and advertising services. This is really appealing when  you couple that notion with the idea that you guys are as busy as you can possibly be. No time to explore your options.

These services, that local dentist and other medical professionals buy into, will charge very high prices for services the sales guy will promise to do for you. The services provided will often be much different and will account for much less of the firms cost then probably any other type of expense.

On top of this they will be sure to lock you down on some sort of residual service that will be about as much as a cell phone bill or a little less. This is so that in large volume the fees will add up but the amounts are small enough that the customer (you) will more or less forget about, not think about, or perhaps not care about. The margins are enormous.

If you own a small business you may find it more beneficial in both a financial sense as well as the overall marketing performance.

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