Obama’s Auto Industry Bail-Out is Working – Who Knew?

It seems as if Obama and his administration’s decision to bailout the Auto industry giants such as GM and Chrysler has paid off or at least is paying off and is on the right track.

FaceBook.com - Tagging the Net – One “Like” Button at a Time

FaceBook.com has and will continue to connect people, places, and things. They now plan to unveil a new simple gizmo that will add websites and web pages to that list. Face Book is providing a free tool to websites every where called a “Like Button”.

Yahoo Doubles Up on Earnings

Yahoo reported some great earnings for the quarter. However the earnings are so impressive on the surface because of one time non reoccurring payments from Microsoft as agreed in the Yahoo Search and Microsoft Bing Deal.

Goldman Sachs Pumps Killer Earnings

Goldman Sachs, the company whom has and continues to be highlighted in headlines everywhere for the SEC charges of fraud, has reported yet another great earnings quarter.

Commercial Mortgage Loan Defaults

The mortgage crisis is threatening the economy with a second coming.

Apple Computer Quarterly Earnings Come In Strong

Apple continues to do what it does best… Developing Marketing and Selling Mac Products and making billions doing so.

Apple brought in 13.5 billion dollars over the last three months. After about 10 billion in costs and expenses they profited 3.07 billion dollars. That comes to about 3.33 dollars per share.

Banking Giant Returns to Profitability - Citi Group Reports Great Earnings Report

The financial storms that encased the economy in this recession seems to be burning away in light of the positive earnings results being reported by the big banks. This new day for banking giants just got a little brighter in light of the reported earnings issued by Citi Bank.

Big Banks Bet and Bank on Trading Profits - BoA and Chase Ride Trading Revenue to Profitability

Both JP Morgan and Chase and Bank of America reported profitable quarters this earnings season go around.

Though Chase has been in better shape over this economic down turn both banks profitable quarters relied on their investment banking activities.

Chase Bank reported 3.3 billion dollars for the first quarters profit. Bank of America came in right behind them with 3.2 billion dollars. 3/4's or 75% of Chase Bank profits came from trading and investment banking activities and 2/3 or about 65% of Bank of Americas profits came from their newly found investment banking operations. This profitable Merrill Lynch deal has beat the overall outside consensus and expectations. Just goes to show you that old Ken Lewis knew and still likely knows what he is talking about.

FDIC Extends Business Insurance Program

The FDIC Insurance for 100% of all business deposits will be extended for at least another six months if not longer. I predict that the program will be here through at least part of 2012. However the serious talks and sources that I have seen are saying mid 2011.

Conan O’brien Finds a New Home with TBS and the Time Warner Family

I love Conan. He is as funny as they get in my opinion.

Dow Tops 11,000 – Time to Go Back Down

This is a prediction that the DJIA will drop over the next several quarters to about 9000 – 9700 with the half way point 9350 my meat and potatoes estimate.

Fashion and Clothing Retailers Are Showing Substantial Sales Growth

The stock market continues to push forward and the buyers or bulls of the financial world have been rewarded with great sales figures from the retail sectors.

Banks Lowering Debt to Present Prettier Balance Sheets – Is This Dishonest?

How could banks and financial firms be accused of being dishonest when they lower debt at the end of the quarter?

Apple Steps into the World of Online Advertising With "iAD"

Mobile Advertising a growing advertising medium accounting for about 400 - 500 million dollars a year of the online advertising business just got shaken and stirred by Steve Jobs and Apple when the introduction to the "iAD" was unveiled last week.

iAd Video from YouTube.com

Here is the video fro YouTube that has the iAD Advertisement for Nike as a demo. This is presented by Steve Jobs Ofcourse.

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Apple Steps into the World of Online Advertising With "iAD"