Fonar Corporation (FONR) - A Play On MRI's and Sitting Down

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  • Fonar Corp; Ticker Symbol FONR
Fonar is a medical company in both the Physician management and servicing industry as well as (and more so) the medical equipment industry. More specifically Fonar creates, develops, and sells MRI equipment. Not just any MRI equipment but cutting edge, innovative, and better performing MRI scanners such as their patented Upright MRI.

S&P Efforts to Predict Mortgage Bonds Potential Losses

Earlier in the week Standard & Poors announced that they will be analyzing and reporting on the potential losses to come on existing mortgage backed bonds and securities. You may not be surprised to hear that the Bond Rating industry and the firms it is composed of have caught some serious heat for doing more then just being inaccurate. S&P as well as all other major bond rating industries have been accused by many to have some faulty business and compensation models.