6 Online Marketing Principles that Apply to Every Business

Today the online and digital world impacts every business. At one time it was optional for a business to have a website and overall web presence. That use to be a strategic decision that had to be thought about and considered just like any other capital investment for a business. Today an online presence is an absolute must... or else.

Online Business Presence in Modern Digital World - Marketing and Advertising
I have come up with 6 online marketing and digital world principles that have an impact on every single business that exists today. Whether you like it or not the modern world has demanded that the digital world is included in every business venture.

How to Start a Online Business

The internet is probably the biggest advancement to business since the invention of currency. Which is pretty significant. You may want to consider starting a online business. But how do you do that?

You do that by following my 8 step guide on starting a online business.

Business Basics - Sex Sells - Solid Advertising Strategy

Sexy bikini woman sells sign
Sex Sells
There is no question about it... Sex Sells... Really Well!!

If you are having a hard time getting the attention of potential clients, the one strategy you can always turn to is boosting your advertising strategy with a sexy makeover. It will work every time!

Big Site, Big Content, Big Rankings - 3 Big SEO Tips for 2016

If you are online creating and maintaining a website or blog then you know how hard it is to get top SERP rankings from Google. Today in 2016 the competition is brutal! We can all agree on that. We can also agree that it's hard to get and maintain a top spot on Google. But it's not impossible. You just have to be willing to go BIG!
Solid SEO on-site practices will lead to big Google rankings and big traffic

Maintaing a Sturdy Corporate Veil - 9 Do's and Don'ts

You created a corporation for a reason. Perhaps many reasons. But it is probably safe to say one of the biggest reasons you are going corporate is to obtain the corporate veil of protection from personal liability of business debt and unpaid creditors trying to collect. This is an obviously wise decision. But just because you have a corporation or LLC doesn't mean you can't be held personally liable. The corporate shield can be shattered.
Corporations and LLC's can protect you from being personally liable for business debt and liabilities.

The Detroit Promise - Free College For All

If you are a High School senior and want to go to college but don't have any money for school you have nothing to worry about. Your admission is free just like everyone else in detroit that wants to go to one of the five community colleges who make Detroit their home. This unbelievable deal is no deal at all it is the Detroit Promise.

The Housing Bust - Deflating The American Dream

The housing bubble starting late in this century's first decade will be a time remembered as an economic depression caused by individual American greed and the absurd steps individuals blindly took to obtain the American Dream.

Small Business is Big Business - Local Tree Service

As of late I have been interested in small business. To satisfy my curiosity I have been following a small local tree service company in my hometown, Williamsburg Virginia. Let me be the first to tell you that having a small local tree service in that area is no easy task. During my time studying this company I built a tremendous respect and admiration for small business owners everywhere.
Small Business - Finance Blog - Carpenter

Self Driving Car

Google has developed a self driving car that is practically flawless. This new technology can help alcoholics and the blind get around town safely. Here is a video of the car in action. Google gives a lift to a blind man. He goes to the dry cleaners and grabs a bite to eat. This car drives better then I do. Pretty Amazing!

12 Obama Loan Assistance Programs Extended through 2013

President Obama's loan assistance programs created to help homeowners stop foreclosure have been extended. The 12 mortgage relief programs will not expire until December 31, 2013. These programs are designed to help American homeowners make home affordable and avoid foreclosure.

Debt Snowball - 2 Schools of Thought

The debt snowball is a debt reduction method and strategy used to pay off debt. It is widely preached by debt counselors all over the world and many consumer finance and debt help gurus such as Dave Ramsey absolutely swear by it.

David Sokol No Longer Replacing Buffett as Berkshire Hathaway CEO

David Sokol has been the primary guy in the running, and Warren Buffett's top pick, to replace the Oracle of Omaha as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Well David is no longer available for the position.

Just ask him.

Queen Narissa's Hag Costume - 2007 Enchanted

The Hag Costume of Queen Narissa
Enchanted 2007 - Hag Costume - Queen Narsia

This is the Hag Costume that Queen Narissa Wears in the 2007 Movie Enchanted.