Trump Wall said to Fail - Wall Defeating Tech

Why the Trump Wall Fails Functionally - Tech Proven to Undermine Wall

President Trump is trying very hard to build a wall that protects the US Border from unwanted Mexican Aliens.

As much as I admire Trump's effort to protect the American dream I am disappointed to announce that there are several technologies available that can defeat the trump wall.

Two Tech Options that Beat Trumps Wall

  1. The Ladder - The ladder is a clever wall beating tech that allows almost any able body man or woman to climb over any wall that is shorter or equal height as compared to the ladder available.
  2. The Rope and Grapple - This wall defeating tech system allows the user to secure the rope to the top of the wall via the grapple. Even more impressive is that all this can be accomplished by the user standing on the ground below the wall.

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Last Updated 4/20/17

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