Coke Tastes the Best at McDonald's - Place Where Coca Cola Tastes the Best

Turns out that Coca Cola tastes the best at McDonald's!!

Do You Agree????

We want to know please leave a comment and let us know where you think Coke tastes the best?

This post is in response to the Coke Commercial requesting a "Search".

I wonder what will become of this?? So curious about where Coke tastes the best.


  1. danny t money's opinion on this is that mcdonalds can afford to perfect their storage and deliverance systems of coca cola

  2. I think coke taste the best "when" and not "where". Coke tastes the best after you have been deprived of water and nutrients for some hours and have also been working hard outside. Using coke as a sort of needed energy drink s when it tastes best. So where ever one is after a long hard days manual labor work is where that coke is going to taste best.