Vehicle Most Likely to Last the Longest - Cars, Vans, Trucks, or SUVs - Analyzing Financial Value

One of the best ways to improve your budget and overall personal finances is to buy a used vehicle that lasts a long time. Long lasting vehicles will save you lots of money.

But which type of vehicle is most likely to last the longest? Do you look for an SUV, van, a truck, or just your standard car?

This post analyzes which type of vehicle lasts the longest.

Types of Vehicles Explored 

I looked at four types of vehicles.


A truck is simply the vehicle with a comparatively large engine raised body, and of course, the most defining characteristic which is the storage bed.


An SUV is a vehicle that has a capacity to go off-road, typically larger than a car, has two to three sections of seating, and no bed like a truck. It will always have four full sizes doors at a minimum.


A van is a vehicle made only for paved roads. It's defining characteristic and purpose is that it accommodates comparatively more passengers than any other standard vehicle and typically comes with a large sliding door.


A car is the most common type of vehicle and like the van is only made for paved roads. Cars typically accommodate 2 to 4 passengers and have 2-4 doors. They are the smallest of all vehicles that are typically enclosed. This excludes motorcycles.

Rank of Vehicle Longevity by Type

The list below ranks the likeliness of the different types of vehicles to last over 200,000 miles.


The SUV is by far the most likely to give you 200 plus thousand miles. The FORD Expedition is the most likely to go the distance. It's about 4.5 times more likely to last over 200k miles than the average vehicle. The top 7 vehicles most likely to last over 200k miles are all SUVs


Trucks are the second most likely to last over 200,000 miles. If having the ability to haul items in a bed is more valuable than a few thousand extra miles and the ability to seat a few more passengers than this may be a good target vehicle type for you.

Tho the SUV does indeed dominate the top long-lasting vehicle list trucks definitely hold their own. There are four trucks that are 50%-80% more likely to go the long haul than the average vehicle.

The Toyota Tacoma is almost twice as likely to go further than 200k miles than the average vehicle. It is 3 times as likely as an Avg minivan or car.


Cars on average are 1/3 less likely to last over 200,000 miles. Having said that there are some decent makes and models that have proven the ability to go the distance consistently. These cars are almost all made by Japanese makers. The top performer is the Toyota Avalon which is twice as likely to last over the 200 thousand mark than the average vehicle and outperforms the average car by three fold.


Vans did not do so well. The only van to make the top performer list was the Honda Odessey which is about 75% more likely to hit 200 thousand then the average vehicle.

The data I used is from

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