Two Lists of Longest Lasting Vehicles

One of the best ways to improve your budget and personal finances is to have a car that will last a long time. There is no doubt that passing up the new sports car and electing to buy a used car that lasts will save you money.

To help you figure out what type, make, and model to look for I have made two lists of the top ten longest lasting vehicles and a list of the top ten longest lasting cars and minivans.

Top 10 Longest-Lasting Vehicles

This list is formed from the data gathered and analyzed by

The cars are rated by the likeliness of a car going over 200,000 miles before they are retired. This is done by listing the percentage of the cars within a particular model's population that make it past 200 thousand miles.

The two lists are below

10 Longest-Lasting Vehicles - Trucks, Vans, SUV's, and Cars

This list analyzes which vehicle types last the longest; SUV's, Trucks, Vans, or Cars

Rank Model                    % of Cars Over 200k Miles

1 Ford Expedition                  5.7%
2 Toyota Sequoia                   5.6%
3 Chevrolet Suburban            4.8%
4 gToyota 4Runner                4.7%
5 GMC Yukon XL                 4.2%
6 Chevrolet Tahoe                 3.5%
7 GMC Yukon                       3.0%
8 Toyota Avalon                    2.6%
9 Toyota Tacoma                   2.5%
10 Honda Accord                 2.3%

Average for All Models                      1.3%

Top Ten List of Longest Lasting Cars - Van's and Cars

Rank Model               % of Cars Over 200k Miles

1 Toyota Avalon                     2.6%
2 Honda Accord                     2.3%
3 Honda Odyssey                   2.3%
4 Ford Taurus                         1.9%
5 Chevrolet Impala                1.5%
6 Toyota Camry                     1.5%
7 Nissan Maxima                   1.5%
8 Toyota Sienna                     1.4%
9 Honda Civic                        1.3%
10 Dodge Grand Caravan      1.3%

These charts represent the research of

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