Qualifying Leads - Better Lead Generation Marketing

One of the best ways to improve the closing rate for your sales team is by tweaking your lead generating process. Adding a detailed lead qualifying process to your overall sales funnel will help you identify the most valuable leads as well as leads that need extra conditioning before sending them to the sales team. A qualification process is a great marketing tool used to improve sales team efficiency

This allows you to significantly cut down on the time, effort, and cost of closing each sale. It will also make for a much more efficient and confident sales team.

Lead Generation - Best Demographic Data to Collect from Generic Leads

Lead generation is a big time business and marketing activity performed online by all sorts of marketers and advertiser from all  sorts of different businesses and industries. There are countless methods to obtaining leads. Online marketing is largely focused on lead generation. If you are involved in lead generation you may have considered selling lead lists to third parties. But who do you sell your list to and what do lead buyers look for?

Lead Generation - Online Marketing for Small Business
I have put together helpful lists of demographic data variables I suggest collected when obtaining leads. By ensuring you have the following information your lead list will be of optimal value to third party perspective buyers. These variables will also help with determining if future product or services you have available are a good fit for any given individual lead. They can also help you finding new relevant correlations of people who are more likely to buy/convert that you may currently be ignorant of.

4 Characteristics of Successful Customer Apps and other Tech Based Marketing Tools

Successfully Utilizing Apps and Technology in Your Marketing Plan

Here I detail the most effective methods and strategies companies implement when developing tech and app-based marketing tools to win over customers and increase sales.

Tech based advertising and customer app marketing tools
 have been a part of top performing marketing and advertising
 programs of many profitable US businesses
This is a list of 4 Characteristics Commonly Found as Part of Successful Tech Based Marketing Tools.

4 Marketing Stratagies to Build Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a priceless asset to any business who has it. Strong customer loyalty allows a company to maintain higher prices during industry price wars. It protects a core market share even when under attack from new big budget marketing campaigns from new or existing entrants. Most of all though strong healthy customer loyalty is a steady source of the most effective and credible advertising that exists; "word of mouth" advertising.

6 Online Marketing Principles that Apply to Every Business

Today the online and digital world impacts every business. At one time it was optional for a business to have a website and overall web presence. That use to be a strategic decision that had to be thought about and considered just like any other capital investment for a business. Today an online presence is an absolute must... or else.

Online Business Presence in Modern Digital World - Marketing and Advertising
I have come up with 6 online marketing and digital world principles that have an impact on every single business that exists today. Whether you like it or not the modern world has demanded that the digital world is included in every business venture.