4 Characteristics of Successful Customer Apps and other Tech Based Marketing Tools

Successfully Utilizing Apps and Technology in Your Marketing Plan

Here I detail the most effective methods and strategies companies implement when developing tech and app-based marketing tools to win over customers and increase sales.

Tech based advertising and customer app marketing tools
 have been a part of top performing marketing and advertising
 programs of many profitable US businesses
This is a list of 4 Characteristics Commonly Found as Part of Successful Tech Based Marketing Tools.

Developing an App or another tech-based tool to boost sales, market share, and overall customer loyalty is a major focus of today's most effective marketing plans and strategies for top performing businesses.

Tere is no doubt that a great app that becomes popular  with customers can add tremendous value to a company's bottom line. Examples of this are seen in the Starbucks "Star Card" which started as a reward card program and is now basically a standard banking card for today's upper middle class. Customers make deposits into their accounts for future purchases and are delighted to take advantage of promotional deals and freebie coupons they earn from frequent purchases. Starbuck customers love it!

So does Starbucks! The data collected on their best customers is priceless. Not to mention the obvious promotional tool it lends itself to when needing to promote new products. Then there is that other benefit of customers actually depositing money to make future purchases. The program is a monumental benefit for Starbucks.

Don't fool yourself, the success realized by Starbucks is not by any means typical. Creating a worthwhile customer app or other technology-based marketing tool is no easy task and demands a large upfront investment from the marketing budget with no promise of a profitable return.

I have laid out four characteristics of successful customer apps and other tech-based marketing tools to help those businesses who are thinking of or in the midst of developing an app for customer smartphones to increase their marketing and advertising efforts and ultimately increase sales and customer loyalty.

4 Characteristics of Successful Apps and Tech Based Marketing Tools

  1. Adds Abundant Customer Value and Enjoyment - A great tool or marketing app will be absolutely adored by its users. Your customers should love this tool. There are several ways to achieve this. You can have great incentives such as freebies and other rewards for the dedicated use by a loyal customer. Another way is to make it fun and perhaps even socially interactive. Be careful with the latter. It is possible to make an app that is loved by your customers but does not increase sales. Such a situation is a waste of money and resources.
  2. Have a Clear Marketing and Sales Objectives and Reason for the App - Make sure you have a clear and logical goal that can clearly be reached through the use of the customer app. Just like I mentioned earlier a well-received app that doesn't improve your sales numbers is a clear failure.
  3. Smart Investment Budget with Realistic Return Expectations - Developing technology such as marketing purposed apps can be very costly. Make sure the potential return and sales increase is worth the capital investment. Have an ROI prediction and goal.
  4. Marketing Plan for App Launch - You need to create a well thought out marketing plan for the customer app so that it is well received by customers. If no one knows about the app then it won't be used. That is guaranteed.

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