Lead Generation - Best Demographic Data to Collect from Generic Leads

Lead generation is a big time business and marketing activity performed online by all sorts of marketers and advertiser from all  sorts of different businesses and industries. There are countless methods to obtaining leads. Online marketing is largely focused on lead generation. If you are involved in lead generation you may have considered selling lead lists to third parties. But who do you sell your list to and what do lead buyers look for?

Lead Generation - Online Marketing for Small Business
I have put together helpful lists of demographic data variables I suggest collected when obtaining leads. By ensuring you have the following information your lead list will be of optimal value to third party perspective buyers. These variables will also help with determining if future product or services you have available are a good fit for any given individual lead. They can also help you finding new relevant correlations of people who are more likely to buy/convert that you may currently be ignorant of.

Most Valuable Lead Demographic Info Variables

Individual Person Leads

  • Gender
  • Title
  • Age
  • Education
  • Years of Experience
  • Income
  • Specialties
  • All Contact Information - 2 Phones, email, Address

Company and Business Leads

  • Number of Employees
  • location
  • Revenue
  • Number of Stores
  • Number of Divisions
  • Industry
  • Number of Products/Services
  • Geographic markets
  • Rankings/Stock Indexes
  • All Contact Information - 2 Phones, email, Address

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