Fox Hole Girls Protest For God - Jesus Loves Strippers Too!

Fox Hole Strippers Protest Harassment of Warsaw Ohio Church Members

I can just picture that first Sunday in early August 2010.
Fox Hole Strip Club - Strippers Protest Church Members

"Mommy, Mommy look... How come those girls get to wear their bathing suit?"

Please allow me to introduce Angel and Candy Cane. Fox hole strippers protesting the members of a Warsaw church in the state of Ohio.

US Economic Growth... Well Kinda

The United States economy is at a fork in the road. Which way and where it will go? Nobody really knows, even if they don't tell you so.

How to Hedge a Failing US Economy
The finance blogs and finance bloggers of the world have been speaking of a dooms day looming in the not so distant future of the American economy. The really scary part is that they all have strong arguments.

There is a large supply of worry, and perhaps even a larger supply of reasons to be worried about.

In researching the current state of the American economy I had a few moments to think about what would be a good investment.

I asked myself; where should one put their hard earned money?

The Answer will shock you...