Fox Hole Girls Protest For God - Jesus Loves Strippers Too!

Fox Hole Strippers Protest Harassment of Warsaw Ohio Church Members

I can just picture that first Sunday in early August 2010.
Fox Hole Strip Club - Strippers Protest Church Members

"Mommy, Mommy look... How come those girls get to wear their bathing suit?"

Please allow me to introduce Angel and Candy Cane. Fox hole strippers protesting the members of a Warsaw church in the state of Ohio.

These nice young ladies work as entertainers at the Fox Hole.

The Fox Hole is a local Gentleman's Club in Ohio.

The Families of that small Warsaw, Ohio church, were greeted by protesters in bikini's.

They were not protesting God, in fact they were using scripture, and referencing the Bible to push their point.

They were protesting the invasive,  and intrusive activities that a group of church members were taking part in.

The members of this small town church in Ohio were waiting outside of the Fox Hole strip club harassing, photographing, and posting pictures online of the strippers and patrons of the strip club.

As one may imagine that kind of publicity was bad for business. Why go to a strip club if your grandma, mother, maybe your sister, or perhaps your boss are going to find out from their online church community, or even their website. Who knows?

It is no surprise that there was some retaliation. After all the Fox hole has cash flow and other financial concerns just like any other business. Perhaps the members of that Warsaw church were a little jealous, "collection plate envy",  if you will.

Not to mention that any sort of unprovoked harassment is just unwanted at any type of establishment in which you want folks to enjoy themselves and return.

Well needless to say the Fox Hole girls did not appreciate the harassing church members. Many of the girls were down right offended. Some of the girls are (like the members of that church) proclaimed Christians.

Just like the members of that church took action, so too did the Fox Hole Girls.

They took action.

They stand outside the church every Sunday in their bikini's and protest.

Don't Mess With The Fox Hole Girls!

On a serious level, this kind of display from church members or Christians, sets their very cause back.

If you are a christian or religious or whatever, attacking what and who you think is wrong is not going to convert people. You are not helping God. Help those who do that of which you think is wrong.

You need to meet folks where they are, in their current state, in their current situation. Playing the all-mighty righteous guru is not going to land you any new recruits. Just new problems and another reason for one to roll their eyes at the notion of Christ. Christianity's biggest obstacle, the biggest hurdle between people and God, are Christians.

Not to mention you are a sinner as well.

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