SEO Checklist Guide for Small Local Business Owners

SEO for Small Business
If you have started and maintained a website then you probably know how important it is to have a website that is ranked high by the popular search engines. You also most likely understand that this is
no easy task. Search engine optimization is a valuable tool. SEO is also hard. The internet is flooded with websites and the competition is tough. To help small business owners, online marketers, or anyone with a website I have created a search engine optimization checklist.

This guide highlights the key points of great SEO practices.

Create a Recognizable Brand

One of the newer aspects of SEO is brand recognition. This means that websites with a brand name that is often searched for will have higher rankings than a similar website that does not have a brand with a high search volume.

Have a Large Site

Larger websites seem to have a ranking advantage over smaller sites. This may be because there are more internal links. Also, Google seems to see these bigger sites as more authoritative. The best way to build a large site that gets high rankings in search results is to write lots of quality articles related to your product or service. Also, make lots of short 3 - 10 min videos are related to the topic.

Have a Great Web Design

It is important to have a visually pleasing designed website. This will also build credibility with the user. Above all the site should be designed to optimize usability for users.

Quality Useful and In Demand Content

Just as the design is important so too is the actual content of the website. The articles and other media need to be top quality. The information should be useful to the user and meet their needs. Finally, the content should be in demand and the topics should be readily searched for by users. If you are able to create top ranking articles and content you will be rewarded with streams of highly targeted traffic that is sure to generate new leads and convert to new customers. Plus you will become a recognized authority in that niche which will also help generate new customers and increase revenue for your small business.

Smart Internal Link and Navigational Structure

It is highly important that users are easily able to find what they are looking for. People need to be able to understand the navigational structure. Also, a site map is important to have.

Excellent Grammar and Spelling

It's important that all the content has proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Proofread and use some sort of spell check software. Also, it is a good idea to regularly review older content as you will inevitably miss errors of one sort or another.

Diverse Range of Media

The more types of media the better. It is a good idea to have pictures, videos, infographics, and any other types of media that can improve your mix of content.

White Hat Back Link Program

Though backlinks are not as important as they use to be they are still very important to solidify high rankings. Some good ideas are to pursue some quality guest posts and to create content that other sites would find useful to use and provide the code so that folks can easily post it.

Have Extensive About Us and Contact Information

This is a signal that the site is trustworthy and credible. Include employee pictures and biographies. Also, have a company story worth reading. Make sure you have a map, address, phone number, and other business listing information.

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