Keeping Up with Your Credit Reports? - You are Not the Only One

Many consumers like to keep an eye on their credit. Monitoring your credit report and credit score is a healthy habit of the financially savvy. It is a sign of smart personal finance and debt management habits. This is no secret.

What many folks don't know is that they are not the only ones looking at their credit reports, credit history, and their credit scores.

In this post I will provide a list that discloses some of the typical third parties that commonly access and consider consumer credit scores.

Third Parties That May Review and Monitor Your Credit

  • Employers
  • Potential Employers
  • Underwriters
  • Insurers
  • Anyone who receives a credit application from you.
  • Businesses considering or currently taking part in any sizable transactions with you.
  • People Involved with legal matters in court may need to access your credit history.
  • Residual billing services such as cell, cable, power.
  • Land Lords and Rental Agencies

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