How to Change Servers (DNS) for Domains Hosted with

This is a simple step by step "how to" article describing how to change your domain name servers hosted in your hosting account.

Simple 7 Step Procedure

Below is the seven steps to change DNS in your account.

Step 1

First things first, go to and log in.

Step 2

Once you are logged into your account go to your account manager.

Step 3

From your account manager you need to find and select the Manage Domains option from the domain names drop down menu. An alternative route is through the manage your account list. 

Step 4

Select the site or domain you wish to change.

Step 5

Once you have identified and selected the applicable site you need to select the set name servers option by using the check boxes provided.

Step 6

Locate the blue colored name servers label heading. It should be located on the right side of the page. In the input box directly underneath you simply enter the desired name servers.

Step 7

Finally hit save.

Your Done!!

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