The Detroit Promise - Free College For All

If you are a High School senior and want to go to college but don't have any money for school you have nothing to worry about. Your admission is free just like everyone else in detroit that wants to go to one of the five community colleges who make Detroit their home. This unbelievable deal is no deal at all it is the Detroit Promise.

The Detroit Promise Zone Program officially started early this week on Tuesday. It States or should I say promises that any High School graduating senior who gets accepted to one of the five community colleges located in the city will have free tuition.

Detroit Promise Funding

The funding will initially come from a private scholarship fund which will cover the tab for at least the first few years. In 2018 it is said that Property taxes will pave the way for these college kid freebies.


  • Must have completed Junior and Senior high school years in Detroit school. Home School does not count.
  • Must fill out and complete the Financial Aid form known as FAFSA (I use to hate filling that thing out)
  • No income restriction. This is offered to both the rich and the poor.

This is the first of its kind but it doesn't look like its going to be the last. Tennessee and Oregon should be doing similar programs in the next year or two. This has been a strongly supported idea that Obama has pushed for and it looks like it is starting to come to light.

I tell you what I sure would have liked a free education. In fact Obama its not to late you can still pay for a big part of mine. That would be a helpful finance program for me.

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  1. Wow thats a big deal! I always say if I could have done things over I would have gone to community college for the first two years then transferred. I say this because for one it's way cheaper but two where I am from as long as you do well in community college you can basically go to the best schools in your state no problem. Its some sort of program/agreement the state has with all the major colleges.

    Anyways I'm glad to see the Free Obama Education idea is starting to take shape. That's Awesome!!