Financial Reform Pushed Through By Democratic Majority and Three Republicans

A New Financial Industry Reform Bill Has Passed

Well 2,100 pages of potential American Policy and Law fixing to keep a tighter watch on the financial industries practices of marketing products to the American Consumer is on its way to Presidents Obama's Desk. Obama is expected to sign.

From what I have read thus far this bill is not really “known”.

That is a confusing way for me to put it but everything I have read has been vague at best.

ABC has said that the bill will add some consumer protection agency to keep a close watch on lending practices. Also Bond rating agencies may have to come up with a new business model which is well.... long over due.

Another potentially big aspect of this thing will effect derivative trading and the regulations that are put on private equity and hedge funds. That will be interesting to see play out.

Overall I think the financial markets do need some shape up or restructuring I guess I am just not sure that a 2100 page bill that no one really seems to understand or have even read seems a little fast.

I do believe and have faith in Obama to make the right decision on this one. He truly believes something needs to be done. I will support his decision regarding reform of the financial industry.

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