Marketing Objectives - Marketing Plan Tutorial

The Marketing Objectives is the 4th section of the marketing plan outline. This resource explains
Marketing Objectives for Your Marketing Plan
how to write the marketing objectives section of a marketing plan.`

Marketing is one of the three fundamental functions of every business. Thus it is important to have goals for the marketing department. Goals will be met by completing the necessary objective actions. That sounds a bit complicated so let's look at an example:

Marketing Goal: Increase Sales By 10% in the upcoming year

The goal is our desired outcome which in this case is increasing sales by 10%. The next question is how are we going to do that, or better yet, what are our marketing objectives? So in the case of our example, our marketing objectives may be as follows:

First Marketing Objective - Establish SEM Campaigns with AdWords and Bing Ads - Expected Result of 5% Sales Boost
Second Marketing Objective - Establish Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter to build brand awareness and increase our customer reach - Expected Result of 5% Sales Boost

The above example should make it simple to understand what marketing objectives are and thus what your "Marketing Objectives" section is all about.

When you are writing this section for your plan start by reviewing what the marketing goal is and then simply list out the marketing objectives as I have done in the example. In addition, you will want to detail out how each of these objectives will be done. So in our example, we would explain how we intend to establish these campaigns and social media efforts. We also need to discuss what this will cost and what we will be able to make off the necessary investments.

This section is a comparatively brief part of your overall marketing plan. It provides an overview of the more detailed marketing strategy section.

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