Lindsay Lohan - She is Back - Video of her Photo Shoot in Skimpy Black

Well, much of the blogging and vlogging world have their hopes up and are excited about the release of Lindsay Lohan from rehab. Her endless stream of content inspiration so much of the online publishing community craves will most likely start flowing as it once did.

That it ever really stopped. But with her out and about the quality, excitement, and financial profitability of all inspired content should soar as it did before.

I know bloggers   such as Phillip DeFranco, and bloggers such as Perez Hilton are happy and busy.

I thought I would get in on the fun and post a video of here.

This video is a photo shoot of Lindsay Lohan wearing seductive outfits (still pg-13 at worst). The theme is dark, and of course sexy.

Love her or hate her Lohan makes the entertainment world go round.

Be sure to tell me what you think of the video.

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