New Facebook Search Engine

I have heard rumors that there is a new search engine in the works. Supposedly a based search engine. That is all I really have on the matter. But what a rumor that is... wow.

A Facebook search engine would be huge.

My source is a friend I know personally whom is a rather successful online marketing and advertising consultant.

He admitted, if I am remembering it correctly, that he can not validate it with any certainty (I have to say that he could have been referencing the fact that he had no real details) but I could tell that he believed it 100%.

Did not ask his source, but he has some rather high end contacts, I have always been impressed by him.

I can't help but speculate how it may work. Would it leverage profile popularity, friend volume, or what?

I really am curious to find out more. No doubt there would be major shock waves through out the online search industry.

I have a strong premonition that it will be a separate domain, and separate entity though no doubt under the and Microsoft umbrella.

If anyone knows or has heard anything about this please leave a comment or something. I am so curious.

A new search engine based off seems like a product and online tool that could really add some value and unique ability and more importantly usability. Such a tool would have the leverage of a perspective that no one, including Google, can use or offer. I suppose has an argument to object to that statement but lets be honest with ourselves, they don't.

This new search engine from Facebook could really take from the Google market share.

I suppose it would take from but that would only be important to because Microsoft would be the beneficiary of the search engine revenue from advertisers.


Very interesting.

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