Rent to a Ghost?

Rent a room in these hard financial times. Room with a ghost and save on rent.

I was reading the USA Today, the business section, and they had a survey poll as they always do as far as I know.

The question being asked...

"Would You Share Your Home with a Ghost for Free Rent?"

the results were split pretty evenly.

The results were as follows...

  • Yes - 51%
  • No - 49%

I was thinking to myself... Would I really share my home with a ghost in exchange for a pass on the monthly mortgage or rent payment?

I think I would. I would really want to ensure that the ghost was not evil. Could not harm me.

But given that there was some reasonable assurance that I would not be plagued or haunted with regret for such a personal finance decision then I think I would be game for housing a ghost. 

I figure it would be just in time for Halloween.

What would you do??? 

Please leave an answer and your reasoning in a comment below.

This is a great question.

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